Welcome to my new shop    Sunday, September 17, 2017

As of September 17th 2017 we're trialing IndieMade as our new shop front. You might have been redirected here from the main page of and that's cool. Please have a look around and let me know what you think of the new storefront and whether it's worth sticking around here or not.

After just a couple of days of messing with the options I've personally decided that I rather like it. I can make it look how I want/need, uploading new products is super-easy, downloads are all done in the listing and attributes such as style of necklace are all easily handled behind the scenes. I can also organise some events such as the new Derpicorn montly releases using their event options and may, in future, only do sales through the site while advertising them specifically to The Nest.


Currently I'm still in the process of uploading/editing listings as imported from my store  so please bare with the empty spaces and the missing listings. I'm also thinking about getting a mailing list sorted out so that I can email you with the latest updates and information regarding upcoming work and opening commission slots. Would this be something you're interested in? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to check out the gallery of previous works, as well as leave reviews on any products you may have purchased before such as the laminated prints.


Edit: As of September 24th 2017 all listings have been moved over, uploaded, and edited with very nice pictures and better photos of some of the images. I, personally, am in love with IndieMade's features and final product. It's taken me way less time to get this organised than it did to run my own site on my previous CMS.


And always if you would like to see more please hop over to

and check out ways to support me and my art on a monthly basis.

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