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Hi there, my name is Mea'eshana PhoenixFire, or MeaKitty for short, and I'm a Digital Artist from Adelaide, South Australia specialising primarily in Anthropomorphic Character Art, and creating fantasy creatures from my imagination for fun. I like to describe my style as somewhere between traditional Disney animation and Japanese Anime style with a little bit of Western Comic books thrown in for fun; a blend of bright colour and dark shading that brings characters to life. 

Most of my art is made available as prints which you can purchase from Mea herself. She prints them in high quality on photographic paper, before laminating them for longevity and shipping them right to your door herself. If you don't see a print that you want, you can always commission her to create a custom image and let her add it to her print collection for a small discount. Or leave it as a one of a kind image that only you own. She's always open to discussion on ideas on art projects via Facebook.

Occasionally when I have the resources I do polymer clay sculptures of anything from fun little dragons, to jewellery for all ages, specialising in little crazy unicorns (called Derpicorns) of my creation that you see around the place a lot. More often though I do traditional painting using acrylic paints and mixed media on canvas too, and have multiple craft projects on the go with the intention of being able to ship them all over the world so that others may enjoy my creations as well.



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