Chevy the Pastel Derpicorn


Hello! My name is Chevvy and I'm a Pastel Pearl Derpicorn; my body shimmers with a sparkly blue color, my purple belly feels like bubblegum, and my multicolored teal hair tastes like cotton candy. My favourite feature is my heterochromial eyes; one being a deep teal, the other being a dark purple. 

I would like to be with someone cheerful and friendly, as I can help you with your be a good talker and promoter, and together we'll seldom have to worry over anything. I like bringing ideas to a completion, and can help you express yourself joyously and constructively. If you think you might be psychic, but do not yet know it, we can work on it together so we can have an eventful and exciting life together. If you are giving, courageous and bold, action oriented, energetic and strong willed, then I'm the Derpicorn for you. Together we can make a difference in the world and cultivate your creative talents together. 

I come with standard black necklaces, but let me know if you prefer a silver (+$2) or black (+$5) chain instead and my creator is happy to ship me right to your door with whatever you choose.