Choc-Caramel Derpicorn


These are part of the flavoured Derpicorns but they come in many, MANY color combinations. This one in particular is Chocolate, which also happens to be his favourite thing in the whole wide world. He's also part Caramel and comes with a chocolate-caramel bar to share with his new owner.

They couldn't pick names, so they're hoping their new owners will see them and name them appropriate names when they get them. They promise to share any treats they get with their new owners. <3

This Derpicorn is: Milk Chocolate body with caramel belly/accents and a tri-colored tail
***The Coffee Derpicorn pictured with it has been sold separately***

These come with standard black necklaces, let me know if you prefer a silver (+$2) or black (+$5) chain instead.