Steampunk Experiment #1


Everyone loves steampunk, right? Tried my hand at making my own style of it. Steampunk Experiment is a collection of cogs and gears surrounding a lock topped with a guardian fairy. Comes with a free-swinging key attached by wire so that you can lock your own secrets behind fairy doors.

Painted onto a 5x7in / 12.7x17.7cm fine weave pre-primed cotton canvas on board, by Mea'eshana PhoenixFire in her own unique style using acrylic paints, cardboard, lace, metallic paints, sequins, and featuring a bronze fairy charm sitting guard upon the lock. The whole canvas is sealed with a matte topcoat to keep it in perfect condition. All glow in the dark paint is best seen under the effect of UV lights.

Comes with authenticating details including title, medium, and artist's signature, date of finalization and a certificate of originality on the back of the canvas.