TCD Reminder Original


Available: 3 original canvases:
1. Right side facing right
2. Left side facing left
3. Right side facing right

All feature the original peppermint tea cup dragon in layered paper to make them stand out at the top of each image. The background is stained with real tea in a "spilt" pattern, and the tea cups are made from a unique textured pattern and made into a "hand drawn" tea cup stack.

The writing is a reminder: "Just a reminder about that cup of tea you've got sitting there...

Better finish it before the Tea Cup Dragon crawls in and sucks all the heat out of it...

.... again."

Painted onto a 5x7in / 12.7x17.7cm fine weave pre-primed cotton canvas on board, by Mea'eshana PhoenixFire in her own unique style using acrylic paints, cardboard, texture paper, tissue paper, and real coffee staining the background.

Comes with authenticating details including title, medium, and artist's signature, date of finalization and a certificate of originality on the back of the canvas.